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Company Establishment

Company establishment for foreigners in Serbia is another service we offer to all interested foreign nationals. The process of company establishment for foreigners in Serbia does not differ much from company establishment for nationals of the Republic of Serbia, but due to differences in laws between countries, foreigners often find it difficult to establish a company on their own.

Problems especially arise when it is necessary to determine the seat of the company, because that means that, before entering the entire process of establishment, there has to be a company address. HMC DIGITAL solves all the problems of foreign nationals regarding the establishment of a company in Serbia by being able to anticipate and prevent every possible problem and obstacle using its experience and knowledge of regulations.

We have a team of experts in the fields of law, finance and economics, as well as many years of experience in establishing companies in Serbia, both for our nationals and for foreigners.

Our services for company establishment in Serbia for foreigners are complete, and the process of documentation collection and application submission is fast and efficient. If you want to establish a company as a foreigner in Serbia, you can completely rely on us. We will provide our professional assistance and resources so that the process of establishing a company in Serbia runs smoothly from start to finish.

Our package for establishing a company in Serbia for foreigners contains everything from the initial agreement on the name of the company to checking the availability of the name to opening a bank account. We can provide you with a company seat address for one whole year as part of the Company Establishment in Serbia service package.

You can see at the link Company Establishment in Serbia for Foreigners what services we have prepared for you in this package, and order the package in just a few minutes.

Nadamo se da ćete i vi, kao i desetine drugih klijenata, biti zadovoljni uslugom i uspešno poslovati u Srbiji.