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Residence Permit

The issuance of a residence permit for foreigners in Serbia is done on the basis of submitting an application in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Foreigners through the procedures prescribed by law. The residence permit application of a foreigner in the Republic of Serbia must be submitted to the competent institutions, regardless of the basis on which the foreigner resides in the country. In some cases, the residence permit application of a foreigner is submitted by the foreigner on their own, while in other cases it is done by an authorised person, on various grounds. If you, as a foreigner, want to obtain a residence permit on any basis, there are two ways:

  1. To independently inform yourself and ask for information about each step of applying for residence permit in the Republic of Serbia.
  2. To leave all administrative work on the successful acquisition of a residence permit to us as a professional agency for exercising the right of residence for foreigners in Serbia.

If you decide to use our services, you can expect very efficient cooperation, a professional and friendly approach, as well as complete answers to all your questions in the process of issuing a residence permit (what documents and forms are required, when and to whom they are submitted, how long you will wait and what you can expect regarding potential obstacles on the way to successfully obtaining a residence permit).

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In what ways can a foreigner stay in Serbia?

According to the length of stay, a foreigner may stay in the Republic of Serbia for a:

  • short-term stay
  • stay based on long-term visa
  • temporary residence (up to one year)
  • permanent residence

Foreigners may stay in the territory of the Republic of Serbia in three ways, and the stay may be as follows:

  • stay up to 90 days
  • temporary residence
  • permanent residence