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Work Permit

If you want to reside and work in Serbia as a foreigner, you must submit an application for temporary residence permit. After that, you need to obtain a work permit so that you can get a job and work in one of the companies in Serbia. This work permit means that you are looking for a job in Serbia on your own and that you do not have an employer who would perform all the necessary activities for you for the purpose of obtaining a work permit.

How to get a work permit for foreigners in Serbia?

As in the case of obtaining a residence permit for foreigners, there are 2 ways to obtain a work permit as well:

  1. If you want to start the process of work permit issuance in the Republic of Serbia on your own, you can do so by researching what is needed and what steps should be taken and when. There is also the issue of obtaining the documentation and forms that need to be filled out and submitted to various institutions. Since obtaining a work permit for foreigners involves more activities and a more complex process than obtaining a residence permit, it is necessary to prepare well.
  2. If you cannot or do not want to enter the process of obtaining a work permit on your own, or if you have started the process and do not know how to complete it, our agency is at your disposal. Our help with the issuance of work permits in the Republic of Serbia is often irreplaceable. Our team knows all the laws relating to residence and work permits for foreigners, and we have instructions and all forms ready in electronic form. Order our package of services relating to the issuance of work permits for foreigners and you will not have any problems reaching your goal.

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According to the laws of the Republic of Serbia, there are two types of work permits. They are issued as:

  • personal work permit
  • work permit

Personal work permit is a type of work permit that allows foreigners to be employed freely, as well as to exercise their right to self-employment. It also allows them to exercise their rights in case of unemployment.

This permit is issued at a foreigner’s request in the following cases:

  • if the foreigner has a permanent residence permit
  • if the foreigner has a refugee status
  • if the foreigner belongs to a special category of foreigners

In accordance with the law governing the stay of foreigners in our country, a personal work permit may also be issued for the purpose of family reunification. It is issued at the request of a member of that foreigner’s nuclear family.

The second type of work permit is a work permit issued as a:

  • work permit for employment
  • work permit for special cases of employment
  • work permit for self-employment

A personal work permit and an employment work permit cannot be issued at the same time. Only one work permit can be issued for one period of time.