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Company Establishment

This package offers complete services for company establishment in Serbia for foreigners.

By ordering this package, you will get:

- Basic consultations regarding the choice of legal form

- Checking the availability of the name for your LLC at the Business Registers Agency (BRA)

- Determining the business activity code

- Office address for a period of 1 year

- Establishing a company with or without depositing initial capital

- VAT registration, if required

- Obtaining a unique reference number for payment at the BRA

- Preparation of documentation for company registration with the BRA

- Submitting and collecting documents at the counters

- Possibility of monitoring the status of the case ONLINE

- Collecting the original BRA decision

- Collecting the Tax Id Number Certificate

- Preparation of the Certified Signature form for the Bank – on request

- Assistance in opening a bank account

- Possibility of opening an account without going to the bank

- During the entire process of obtaining a work and residence permit, lawyers and business consultants are with you. They go with you to all institutions.

To order the package, please fill out the form below and send it. We will respond to your request by email as soon as possible.

Price: On request