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Work Permit

When it comes to work permit for legal entities, it refers to cases where an employer from Serbia wants to hire a foreigner in a position in his/her company. The foreigner and the employer can agree on all the conditions before applying for a work permit, but they cannot sign an employment contract. In order for a foreigner to become an employee in the company of an employer registered in the Republic of Serbia, he/she must go through the procedure of work permit issuance according to the appropriate criteria. It is also necessary for the employer to meet certain conditions prescribed by law before submitting the application.

As in the case of submitting an application for residence and work permits for natural persons, there are two ways here as well: starting the procedure on one’s own and entering the procedure of work permit issuance with professional assistance.

  1. In order for the employer or his representative to be able to start the procedure of work permit issuance for a foreigner who is to become an employee, they must first collect all the necessary information about the foreigner, study the laws and collect the necessary forms. Finally, the collected documentation should be submitted to the relevant institutions in the Republic of Serbia for consideration and decision. Sometimes just one document or an incorrectly filled out form can cost a lot of time and money.
  1. With our professional assistance in obtaining a work permit for foreigners, there is no loss of time and money, because we know the laws in detail and have a legal team that has done this job successfully for dozens of clients. If you want to go through the foreigner-hiring procedure quickly and cheaply, order our services and you will receive maximum assistance in a very short time.

We offer complete outsourcing regarding the preparation and collection of documentation for applying for a work permit.

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Work permit for employment of foreigners

Work permits for employment are work permits that enable foreigners to conclude an employment contract with employers from Serbia. This type of work permit for employment is granted for a definite period of time, but no longer than the duration of the temporary stay.

The employer and the foreigner can conclude an employment contract for a definite period of time, but there are no obstacles even if the employment contract is concluded for an indefinite period. If the duration of the employment contract is longer than the period for which the work permit was issued to the foreign national, the contract must have a nullity or termination clause in a separate article. The employment contract ceases to be valid if the foreigner fails to obtain a new work permit after the validity period of the existing work permit has expired.

A work permit for employment of foreigners is issued at the request of the employer. In order to be able to employ a foreigner, the employer must meet the conditions in accordance with the Law and applicable regulations. These are the following:

  • that, before the submission of the application for a work permit for employment, no employees have been fired (due to technological, economic or organisational changes in the positions for which the work permit for employment is requested),
  • that, ten days before submitting the application, the employer did not find any nationals of the Republic of Serbia who meet the criteria (persons who have free access to the labour market, foreigners with personal work permit, persons with appropriate qualifications and registered with the National Employment Service),
  • to submit a draft employment contract or other type of contract.

Work permit for special cases of employment of foreigners

The second type of work permit is a work permit for special cases of employment. It is issued at the request of the employer for:

  • seconded persons,
  • movement within the company,
  • independent professionals,
  • training and development.